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Expert Embroidery Digitizers

Our expert embroidery digitizers work 2 shifts so that you can submit your order in the afternoon and your pattern can be ready and waiting for you when you come in the next morning!  Your clients will be amazed.  On the other hand, if you need something done right now, our day shift embroidery digitizers can turn around a pattern for you in no time at all.  Our Sales and Customer service reps work U.S. hours so they are ready to help you when you need them.

Our expert digitizing embroidery service can make patterns for you that will impress.  Whether it's Caps, Logos, emblems and patches for Campers and Scouts, we know how to keep stops and trims to a minimum and will find the right balance between stitch count and quality, saving you money and making your clients happy. Limited colors available?  Our expert digitizers will use change in stitch direction to double your apparent color count and bring out the details! Having quality problems with your current vendor?  We are small type and complex pattern experts.  We have to be...we have created patterns and emblems for NASA and the Boy Scouts! We have produced thousands of embroidery patterns and our embroidery designs are world class.

Contact us via the contact form and see if you qualify for UNLIMITED revisions!

We utilize the latest Wilcom software to provide you with .dst and .emb files as well as TruView or jpg preview files.  You can submit your files in Illustrator, CorelDraw, PDF or jpg format.  


Embroidery Digitizing Service

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