Customer sends you a picture of his "art".  It's a rough drawing of a logo.  Send it to us, we'll make it look professional.  Our artists of years of experience dealing with this type of "art". 

Vectors & Virtuals / Logos & Screen Printing

Graphic Design

See the gallery below for some examples of screen printing, virtuals and logo vectors.  If your client asks if you have an art department, you can say with confidence that you do.  Concedge USA will create all art on your behalf.  

emblems & patches (input->output)

See the gallery below to give you an idea of how we can transform a rough idea into a sophisticated piece of art, if that's what the client is looking for.  You can see the input on the left and see the output on the right.  Some of these are works of art and the price for these is astoundingly reasonable.  

Vectors & Mock-ups

Commercial Production Services