Commercial Production Services

Our eBook production Team has deep knowledge of the publishing industry and reading communities. Our team of skilled professionals transforms the printed book and/or the digital content into eBooks. We also enhance an eBook by embedding media content such as audio, video, interactivity, annotation, cross references, footnotes, links to Web pages and social websites. The transformation of eBooks and enhanced eBooks greatly helps authors and publishers. We use the latest standards and technologies like HTML5, CSS3, ePub3, Android and native frameworks of iOS.

We specialize in content production and digital content development for multi-channel delivery to eReader devices, smart phones and tablets, including the Apple iPad and iPhone, Amazon Kindle™, SONY® eBook Reader, Nook™ and all Android devices. Our technical expertise and strong relationships with device manufacturers ensure that you benefit from the latest developments and specifications of new eBook formats and App technologies.

If you need conversion, we are the company you need to talk to!

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